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Zahrat al Ahlam - Flower of dreams

Zahrat al ahlam , meaning flower of dreams was inspired by a dream which I had in one early morning. The drawing is made in A3 sheet with canson artist grade paper and color pencils. I hope to get inspired to continue further with my works if I can find a buyer. This is my first attempt at selling my work. I hope I would find someone who admires it.

About the artist

Self taught artist from Dubai

  • Dimensions: H: 16.54 in, W: 11.69 in, D: 0.79 in
  • Shape: Vertical
  • Size: Small
  • Accept returns: No
  • Offer viewing: Yes
  • Shipping insurance: No
  • Ships from: Dubai - UAE
  • Ships in: 1 week
  • Framed: Yes
  • Streched: No
  • Handpainted: Yes

Abstract Figures

Seller: NAJI HISHAM Location: United Arab Emirates
No. of items :
Price : 68 USD
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