An Arabian horse is painted as a kindliness and loyalty. To show it's beauty and kindness I made it as colourful as possible. I chose horses, because I love them.

About the artist

I was born on 13.07.1968 in the town Sisian Republic of Armenia. Started drawing and painting when I was 2 years old only. Studied from 1977 - 1983 at the Art school in Sisian and then from 1983 - 1987 at the Art High College then from 1991 - 1997 at the

  • Dimensions: H: 80 cm, W: 80 cm, D: 4 cm
  • Size: Medium
  • Type: Oil on canvas
  • Shape: Square
  • Accept returns: Yes
  • Offer viewing: Yes
  • Shipping insurance: No
  • Ships from: Dubai - UAE
  • Ships in: Immediately
  • Framed: No
  • Streched: Yes
  • Handpainted: Yes

Animal Animal Animal Animal

Seller: Jivan Hovhannisian Location: United Arab Emirates
No. of items :
Price : 1,089 USD

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