woman withe mirror

This woman of painting with mirror is a contemporary realism inspired by them classic, I realized by my own creation it is an authentic work and oroginal painting technique with oil on canvas year 2015

About the artist

Lamine Azzouzi, born in 1971 in Batna, Algeria, begins to draw "seriously" at the age of 16. In 1989, he studied at the Ecole fine arts schcool in his hometown to acquire the skills necessary for his artistic development. From 1995, he adopted the art hy

  • Dimensions: H: 38.58 in, W: 30.31 in, D: 0.79 in
  • Size: Large
  • Type: Oil on Canvas
  • Shape: Vertical
  • Accept returns: No
  • Offer viewing: Yes
  • Shipping insurance: Yes
  • Ships from: DHL
  • Ships in: Immediately
  • Framed: No
  • Streched: Yes
  • Handpainted: Yes


Seller: AZZOUZI LAMINE Location: Algeria
No. of items :
Price : 3,811 USD

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