The Classics and Jazz

The painting describes a movement in jazz syncopation through a number of musicians and instruments .It is done with Mixed-Media acrylic and fabric and was created in 2017 for an exhibit entitled All that Jazz with Scraps.

About the artist

Nevine is an active artist whose works are based on themes such as the visual arts and jazz,the history of philosophy through art, mythology . She has always used some of the proceeds of her art to donate to charitable institutions

  • Dimensions: H: 51.18 in, W: 53.54 in, D: 1.18 in
  • Size: Large
  • Type: Mixed Media
  • Shape: Horizontal
  • Accept returns: No
  • Offer viewing: Yes
  • Shipping insurance: Yes
  • Ships from: Lebanon
  • Ships in: 1 week
  • Framed: Yes
  • Streched: Yes
  • Handpainted: Yes


Seller: NEVINE MATTAR Location: Lebanon
No. of items :
Price : 2,722 USD

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