The girl behind the veil

People asked her why she wore a veil to cover half of her face. She always smiled and said was her secret. The secret was simple, half of face was melted by an acid attack ....she always smiled because she forgave her attacker because forgiveness is the atribute of the strong and forgiveness liberates the soul.

About the artist

Andreea artist based in Dubai

  • Dimensions: H: 35.43 in, W: 23.62 in, D: 0.39 in
  • Size: Medium
  • Type: Mixed Media
  • Shape: Vertical
  • Accept returns: No
  • Offer viewing: Yes
  • Shipping insurance: No
  • Ships from: Dubai
  • Ships in: 1 week
  • Framed: No
  • Streched: Yes
  • Handpainted: Yes


Seller: Andreea Thom Location: United Arab Emirates
No. of items :
Price : 1,306 USD

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