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For more info call us on 0505514137
For more info call us on 0505514137

Pink Diamond. 90cm x 90cm

Dhs. 8,500

This piece is created by Ukranian artist Anastasiya Lugovska

Please read the artist's bio for more info.

90cm x90cm


Oil on Canvas


Artist was always fascinated by the beauty and complexity of the jewelry design and craftsmanship behind it. While being an artist, she started discovering and learning more about gemology and the art of working with gemstones. Different cuts and colors with their unique and one-of-a-kind patterns inspired her to try to paint them.  The infinite pallet of colors that shines differently from every angle creates endless possibilities of painting a gemstone. Something that looks so simple has over 40 different oil colors that all together result in a mesmerizing stone. By focusing on nuances and particularities of the gemstones, showing colors and flashes of the light, Anastasiya created a painting series portraying the brilliance, reflections, and colors of the gemstones just as realistic as actual ones.