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For more info call us on 0505514137

Choosing the right size

How to choose the correct size and shape?

Artwork is there to serve a purpose of filling up an empty wall, adding warmth, style and expression to the living space. But ultimately to fill up an empty wall.

Here are a few tips in choosing the most appropriate size, shape and other hanging tips.

When choosing art to be placed above or next to a piece of furniture, always make sure that the artwork is at least two thirds the size of the furniture piece up to three quarters of its size.

So if your hanging above a 1m console, your artwork should not be any less than 66 cm in width (two thirds), ideally 75cm (three quarters).

If you are in doubt, always choose the bigger size! So in the example above, if you have the option to choose between an 80cm piece above the 1m console or a 60cm piece, you should choose the 80cm.

Why? Because you need to fill up that wall, that empty space.


We hope this was helpful.

Add life to your walls. Love your home.

PO team

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