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Fadi Fayyad

Fadi Fayyad

“Nature and spiritual beauty are the artist’s true memory”

 Fadi Fayyad was born in 1963, in Sawfar, Lebanon.  Sawfarembodies the oriental and western philosophies that stress the importance of intellectuality, humanity and spirituality that dominates all kinds of war and hatred. Sawfar’s breathtaking nature and culture shaped Fadi’s love for art at an early age, and that is clearly reflected in his paintings in its perfect form.

His obsession for art was reinforced and encouraged by his father.  He spent the precious moments of his childhood with his painting brush until the Lebanese civil war forced him to move to Beirut, where he studied at the Haidar Hamawi Institute of Art. Fadi worked hard to nourish and advance his painting, art directing, calligraphy and graphic design skills.  Upon the passing of his father, Fadi began his career in art directing and worked for many of the local newspapers and magazines in Lebanon, including: As-Safir, Al Hasnaa, Al Yakaza and Snob Al Hasnaa. He is currently the art director at Kul al Usramagazine in UAE.

Fadi does not commit to one painting technique or style, however he is particularly inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s, Claude Monet and Pierre-Auguste Renoir. As for his methods and painting subjects, Fadi relies on his memory, innovation and thinking outside of the box. Fadi’s paintings reflect an array of humanitarian aspects in a spectacular and pure form that is unique and personal.  His paintings embody the beauty of the virgin nature sometimes, and the purity of the human spirit (as he dreams it to be) at other times. Those aspects are at the center of his rich art and come to life in his paintings. He expresses the human feelings and life’s contradiction and noise, the simplicity of the old times which has a great impact on his life, as well as the detailed motion of nature which is seen in water movement, shades and dust that embodies the human thirst for complete freedom.